Eco-friendly Artificial Stone: Our Top Choice for Sustainable Building and Pollution Reduction

Founded in 2010 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Stone Company specializes in producing high-quality eco-friendly artificial stone. Manufactured to the highest global standards, our artificial stone outperforms many natural stone types in laboratory tests. It offers superior aesthetics and cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for all types of construction projects, including villas, homes, decor, and commercial buildings.


Our goal is to make eco-friendly artificial stone the top choice for construction in the Kingdom. We believe this environmentally friendly material will significantly reduce environmental pollution and its negative impact on nature. Moreover, its high-quality test results have impressed engineers, proving its efficiency and ideal use in the construction industry.


  • Innovative Solutions with Artificial Stone: Overcoming Natural Stone Challenges

    Discover the ultimate solution for environmental pollution and the challenges of using natural stone in construction. Our artificial stone offers a sustainable, high-performance alternative with numerous benefits:

    • Environmental Impact Reduction: Artificial stone significantly reduces the pollution caused by the extraction and manufacturing of natural stone using saws, manual carving tools, and grinders.
    • Improved Working Conditions: It provides a solution for technicians who carve and prepare stone, as it can be manufactured in pre-defined shapes and sizes.
    • Uniform Color and Properties: Artificial stone ensures consistent color and uniform physical and chemical properties, guaranteeing high-quality and consistent results across all construction projects.
    • Wide Range of Colors: It offers a vast array of color options, providing greater design flexibility and customization.
    • Stable Supply: Produced in large, consistent quantities, artificial stone ensures a continuous and reliable supply.
    • Cost-Effective: It is a more economical option compared to natural stone, with advanced industrial processes helping to reduce production costs.

    Choosing artificial stone is a step towards sustainable and eco-friendly building practices. It’s an investment in a more sustainable and economically viable future for the construction industry.

Definition of Eco-friendly Stone:

Our artificial stone is crafted from concrete, white cement, sand, and durable aggregates, enhanced with chemical additives for superior performance. It replicates the look and feel of natural stone while offering exceptional strength, low water absorption, and resistance to moisture and weather. Ideal for construction, it combines natural beauty with sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Choose our artificial stone for a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability.

Features of Eco-friendly Stone

  • Our eco-friendly stone stands out with the following features:
    • Strength and Durability: Withstands pressure up to 60 N/mm2.
    • Low Water Absorption: Nearly negligible, less than 3%.
    • Pattern Consistency and Precision in Measurements: Uniformity in engraving and accurate sizing.
    • Color Uniformity, Stability, and Consistency: Resistant to change and maintains stability.
    • Resistance to Natural Elements: Withstands various natural factors.
    • Availability of Stable Colors: Offers a range of consistent colors.
    • No Maintenance Required: Requires minimal to no maintenance.

    Cost-effective: Lower price compared to natural stone, with the ability to produce all decorations and cornices at reduced costs.

High-Quality Eco-friendly Stone

Stone has been a foundational building material since ancient times, renowned for its durability and timeless appeal. While reinforced concrete has become the primary choice in modern construction, natural stone continues to be used with various modifications and engravings, showcasing its versatility and enduring beauty.

The purpose of producing artificial stone

Due to significant advancements in construction, natural stone has emerged as a preferred choice for enhancing building facades and landscapes while meeting various architectural needs. However, recognizing the limitations and environmental concerns associated with natural stone, we are committed to creating an ideal substitute that upholds superior standards and aligns with the latest trends in art and architecture. Our goal is to cater to diverse preferences and continually improve our product to meet the demands of the modern era effectively.

While natural stone boasts exceptional specifications, including durability and aesthetic appeal, it is constrained by limited availability and variations in color and physical properties. Additionally, the extraction and manufacturing processes of natural stone often contribute to environmental pollution. Hence, our focus on eco-friendly artificial stone, utilizing advanced German technology, aims to offer a sustainable solution with high-quality standards suitable for different climatic conditions worldwide.

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